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Presentation techniques in English

This course will give you practical training in presenting and improvising short speeches.

During the course we will enhance your presentation technique using feedback, video recordings and language workshops where we guide you and fine-tune your English.

The course is made up of two full days with one week apart. You will give a work-related presentation on both days. This ensures that you have time to digest the material and feedback from the first day and put it into practice on the second day of the course.

How we do it

You’ll receive the tools to help you present confidently in English to an international audience. You will also receive GlobalDenmark’s booklet on cross-cultural presentation techniques.

You will receive a diploma when you have completed the course.

Practical details


Date and time
7 & 14 June 2021

11 & 18 November 2021


Price per participant
DKK 8,500 excl. VAT

We also offer a customised version of this course.
Both online and face-to-face.

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What you get

Rhetorical tools

Training in use of voice, body language, relevance and making an impact.

Cross-cultural understanding

You will learn how different cultural backgrounds affect your communication in a cross-cultural presentation situation.


You will get experience and feedback in a safe learning environment where you can try out your new tools so you feel confident to put them into practice after the course.

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Online and face-to-face

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