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Simon Scott Palmer, Head of Translations

Simon is the head of GlobalDenmark’s team of translators and editors.

He is a seasoned translator and very experienced at quality assurance of translated texts. Simon developed GlobalDenmark’s quality assurance procedure which includes reading the translated text out loud while another translator follows along in the source text.

Simon’s specialty areas

  • political texts
  • speeches

“Extensive translation projects require close collaboration between the translator and the customer. Both have the same aim in mind – creating an exceptional text.”


Simon was born and raised in England. He worked as an accountant in London until moving to Denmark in 1989. He began his career at GlobalDenmark as a freelance teacher in 1994. He came onboard as a full-time consultant in 1995 and has worked with translation since then.

Simon has also been a member of several Danish networking groups:

“We all start because we are looking for business opportunities, and we quickly realise that the opportunities not only lie in the people we meet, but also in the network behind the people we meet. A group of 30 probably provides potential for thousands of openings.

However, it’s more than that. Good networking actually starts by helping other people; as the BNI slogan goes: givers gain. By helping Helle with a lead, I am showing confidence in her skills, and Helle is very likely to remember me when she meets someone looking for my competencies.

All in all, networking is really about being a good person and very often, despite the newspaper headlines we read every day, there are a lot of good people out there.”

Areas of special interest

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Energy and the environment
  • Science

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We are experienced at proofreading and editing texts and have collaborate with both private companies and public institutions for many years.

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