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Claus Adam Jarløv, CEO

In addition to being a CEO himself, Claus Adam Jarløv works as an instructor, lecturer and coach for politicians, senior researchers and business executives

Claus conducts courses on
  • performance
  • personal and organisational strategy
  • conflict management
  • effective leadership communication
  • career management
  • language and communication

Claus Adam Jarløv  works as an executive coach for professionals within government and academia.

Please contact us and learn more about GlobalDenmark’s coaching programme.

Special focal points

  • Cross-cultural communication
  • English as a working language
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Teaching
  • Baroque music
  • Playing a copy of a Stanesby Jr. transverse flute from 1720
  • Citroën cars from before 1975

Professional basis

Claus Adam Jarløv holds an MA in English and psychology from the University of Copenhagen. He has further attended executive training programmes, including

  • Leadership(LINKS), Insead (2001)
  • The European Negotiation Programme at the European Institute of Public Administration, Maastricht, Holland (1991 and 1992).
  • Diploma in Business Excellence from Columbia Business School and CBS (2014).

Claus founded GlobalDenmark A/S in 1985 and is currently CEO of the company.

Our services

Courses and workshops

Our open courses and workshops are held at our premises in Frederiksberg, but we can also tailor a course for you or your organisation that matches your specific needs.

Consultancy services

Why not draw on our experience the next time you need to prepare for an international event? We can help you with all aspects of your international projects or negotiations – you decide what adds the greatest value for you.


Good coaching is when you – and not the coach – find the right solution. The good coach will help you identify what you need to do. Through exercises and observations, your coach will help you stick to your plan and achieve your goals.

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Claus Adam Jarløv

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